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Earlier, Toco Toucans lived in eastern South American rainforests. They ate eggs, small reptiles, and mainly fruit. Toucans are birds that lived in trees. They were hunted by birds of prey, jaguars, and boas. Their colorful bills helped them attract mates. Toucans are different now. Because of global warming, the oceans rose and flooded rainforests, including the Toco Toucans’ rainforests. Then the rainforests became marshes, and toucans had nowhere to go. So toucans ate fish instead of fruit, they lived on the ground, as the trees couldn’t survive. They have larger beaks for holding fish, webbed feet, thick brown fur and oils for resisting water and camouflage against snakes and bigger fish. At high tide, both males and females catch fish. At low tide, females defends the nest against predators, and males teach chicks to catch fish and defend nests. They are now called Marshland Diving Birds instead of toucans.