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Sloths live in trees and climb along branches using their feet to grip onto them. Sloths are herbivores. There's different types of sloths. All sloths are slow, but three toed sloths are the slowest. For my future creatures I made the Aqualoth and Molderoth. Aqualoths are sloths where the habitat might become a wetland. They’d have webbed feet to help them swim to reach new trees. They would also become faster especially when swimming so they wouldn’t drown. They wouldn’t be fast swimmers, so they might adapt color changing fur that changes from blue for water to brown for trees. Molderoths are sloths whose habitat might turn into a savanna. Like Aqualoths, they would be around the size of a current sloth. They would have a water pouch in case there was extra water that they might need later but didn’t need at the time. They’re also longer than Aqualoths.