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The Jokeranaconda is a creepy snake. They live in deserts and drink water from their privates. Jokeranacondas have large tusks, just like a hippo. They also have giant snouts, mainly used for sucking up insects and making calls. They have spines on their backs, used for defense. As I said before, they drink water from their snouts. The water is created by the nutrients and blood from the snake’s food. The blood and nutrients mix with the other substances in the Jokeranaconda’s body and comes out in a watery substance that is drinkable. It’s not actually water. Humans can drink it, too. Some people say it tastes like eggnog. That snake must be lucky to get eggnog every day. Jokeranacondas also have a weird hairstyle-like thing on their heads. This is not hair. It is made of Keratin, the same thing that your fingernails are made out of. Cool snake!