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Present Green iguana’s are from the Iguana genus and live in tropical rainforests. They are herbivores and eat flowers, fruit and vegetables. They are hunted by hawks, owls, snakes and mostly humans. They have tall spines for protection. It has skin hanging from it’s neck. They are reptiles, weigh 20lbs and 1.5 inches long. Future The future creature is called Carnivora iguana. It lives a thousand years in the future. It is a carnivorous predator that lives in the hot savannah. It is hunted by only wolverines and prey on snakes, birds and marsupials. They are dangerous to humans because of their venomous bite. It adapts to the weather quickly. It’s scales get thicker in fall and winter and in the summer and spring they shed their skin. They are reptiles. It grows up to 55lbs and is 19 inches long. It is covered with scales and spikes.