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My animal's appearance is a puma. It was doing normal puma things. It was hiding in a cluster of leaves to hunt an okapi. Slowly over 10,000 years the climate changed. It turned into a savanna. This puma turned into a Zumpa. Since their prey changed, it changed from brown to striped. It can hide in the cluster of zebra’s. It adapted to the environment and eats zebras. It has black and white stripes down its body. It has a solid black mane unlike real zebra’s and is a little wider. As you can see it hunts zebras. It makes sure things like lions don't think it’s a zebra because it doesn’t have any stripes on its face it also has a scar on its face. But the zebras don’t see it. Hyena’s don’t like them because hyena’s are sweet treats. They eat anything and are friends with lions.