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The Gaboon Vipers live in the rainforests of Ethiopia. Like all vipers, it's venomous, and they have huge venom glands and have fangs that fold. Gaboon vipers have horns on the end of their snouts, and have camouflage crypsis against leaf litter. A combination of climate change and deforestation would cause the rainforest to become a hot savannah with few trees. They are terrestrial and they eat small and medium sized mammals and birds. Gaboon Vipers have no predator, surprisingly but if you were bitten by one you could die or the antidote is rare and administered timely. The vipers would adapt to climate change by burrowing, to keep them cool underground. They also would change in climate change by borrowing underground, and they would also lose their horns so they wouldn't get caught on tree branches. Lastly the gaboon vipers would also get a longer tail to store water.