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You may think sloths are cute, slow, gentle and soft but not this species of sloths. This species of sloth habitat remains in the rainforest, but is extremely different from three toed sloths. While three-toed sloths have toes, this species of sloths have webbed feet. This new species of sloth is called Red Tonged sloth. They got their name because of their poisonous saliva and their bright red tongues. Their way of defending themselves is licking their predators. They can hold their breath for 6 minutes. They eat tadpoles, bugs, leaves and twigs. Their fur is brown just like three toed sloths. Red tonged sloths are omnivores, something three toed sloths have in common with them. It’s environment will not change, they will remain in trees but their diet will change. Red tonged sloths need webbed feet to catch their prey.