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Title:Toco Toucan The Toco Toucan is the most common and largest of the Toucan family.The Toco Toucan cost around eight thousand and five hundred dollars to ten thousand dollars.The Toco Toucan is also known as the giant Toucan.The Toco Toucan can live up to 18 years the longest lived Toco Toucan in captive lived to be 26 years old if your toucan is smaller its likely to live a bit longer than usually.Toco Tuocan lives in holes in trees they tuck their beak under their wing to pull feathers to cover their colorful feathers from predators while they sleep making it dark in the tree hole so predators dont attack them while they are sleeping.Toco Tuocans weigh about 1.4 pounds as an adult.Toco Toucans mostly eat fruits but sometimes small eggs,rodients,small birds,and lizards.