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The giant otter or the giant river otter lives in the Amazon Rain forest. The population of this animals is up to 1000 - 5000 individuals left. Sadly the population is slowly decreasing. Giant otters mostly eat fish; sometimes they add prawns, frogs, caimans, and snakes to their diet. Like all prey these animals have predators, the predators for the giant otters are Jaguars, Caimans, and large Anacondas. The average height and weight for a giant otter is 5 feet and 48 to 53 pounds. If there would be less fish in the water that means the giant otter would have to adapt with that change. The giant otters would adapt with the environment by running faster to be sure to catch a fish first. Lastly the otters would also have better hearing and vision to sense their predators to have a better chance of living.