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The South America Rain forest is on fire due to climate change. That may cause Toucans to go extinct, get smaller or several other things. The toucan is 25 inches long and their beak is 7 inches long, But due to climate change I believe that they will turn out to be 14 inches long and their beak to be 4 inches long. They live in Central or South America Rain forest in canopies or nests inside trees. Toucans are one of several birds that do not migrate. Toucans are omnivorous, They eat fruits, lizards, tree frogs, insects, and sometimes their own egg. Toucans also plant more fruits as they eat fruit. Toucans mate during the spring, Toucans use their bills to throw fruit at each other. They lay 2-21 white eggs in their nest. The baby toucans stay up in their nest for up to 8 weeks.