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I believe in the next millennia toucans will evolve. This is because of global warming and melting ice caps. Toucans also live in rainforests, where water survives. So, first they will have palmate feet, like ducks and geese because there will be water everywhere like a swamp. They will need to swim. Along with that, they will need gills so they can breathe underwater. Next, toucans will have less hair than before because it will be warmer in the future. The reason for this is global warming. They will need less hair because they could die from heat strokes. They will also need claws and fangs because they will need to protect themselves from becoming prey. Because many animals will target the toucans first, stronger defenses are needed. In conclusion, toucans will evolve faster in the future because of many reasons, such as global warming, melting ice caps, and predators.