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Toucans are birds that are found in South and Central America in the tropical rainforest. Toucans are incredibly adaptable, one of their adaptations is that their colors help them camouflage up high in the rainforest’s canopy. Another adaptation is that they use their beak to help them eat insects, small lizards, or berries. Toucans also have short but strong legs that can help them stay steady on branches. Currently, they have small wings so they can’t fly well. They travel by hopping on trees. If they do take flight, they flap their wings vigorously and glide. Toucans can only travel for a short distance. I think that in the future, they may need to have larger wings. Since there’ve been many wild fires they need to escape by flying out of the rainforest. Toucans can’t hop that fast currently, so they need to fly to a safe place quickly.