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Axolotls are very interesting and intelligent. Axolotls can come in many different colors such as Lavender, Copper, Black Melanoid, and White Albino. But those are just one of the many colors. They have external gills on their head that look like ferns. They have long tails called a dorsal fin. Axolotls have the nickname (Land Fish). This is because Axolotls stay in the water but they can go on land. But Axolotls are not fish, they're a type of salamander. Axolotls are critically endangered and I am worried for the future. Will Axolotls make another 10 years on Earth? Or will they become extinct? I don’t think anyone would want Axolotls to go extinct considering the fact that they are very cute. Another reason why nobody would want Axolotls to go extinct is because they are apart of Mexican culture. They are native to Lake Xochimilco and might go extinct.