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King Cobra’s (Ophiophagus hannah) are poisonous, cold blooded reptiles. King Cobras have a diet mostly made up of other snakes. King cobras are active night and day but are rarely seen. King Cobras favor streams in open or dense forests, dense mangrove swamps, farmland, and bamboo thickets, but thanks to global warming they now live in the desert.. In the future King Cobras have evolved, and have become a subspecies, Ophiophagus hannah comedentis serpentium. The King Cobra has developed dark sandy brown scales, Luckily for the King Cobra there are snakes in the desert, which means that the King Cobra hasn’t had a diet change. Due to the temperatures having risen a considerable amount and the weather becoming drier, the King Cobra has become crepuscular (most active at dusk and dawn). Staying in tunnels and caves during the scorching heat of day and the cool nights.