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Current Ocelots have many adaptations that allow them to survive in their habitat. They are wild cats with golden brown fur with brown spots and patches bordered in black to blend in with their rainforest environment. They can hunt from trees using their claws to hold on, while stalking monkeys and birds. They are nocturnal and can hunt at dusk. They live in rainforests like the Amazon, with leafy canopies, dense trees, and plentiful rain. Future Due to global warming, rainforests will become much drier, with few trees, probably within 50-75 years. Because of the more open landscape in which ocelots will be living, they will larger ears to hear predators like the harpy eagle swooping towards them. Their fur may change to a lighter color to camouflage in their duller habitat. They may become completely diurnal because of fewer small animals and prey scurrying under the cover of trees.