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The Flat-headed cat’s habitat is a tropical lowland rainforest, swampy areas, lakes, streams, peat-swamp forest, and riverine forest. It is generally seldom seen and is believed to be rare. Then, it eats fish, frogs, and crustaceans. Next, the Flat-headed cat’s threats are rapid loss of habitat due to human activities. The Flat-headed cat needs shade and plants to survive, but when it evolves it will adapt to survive. The Flat-headed cat will have darker skin to hide in the plants. Many trees have been cut down so there is barely any shade. It will also have faster speed so it can run from predators. Then it can start eating bugs and leaves. Also, if the water evaporates it will not need to eat fish. Then, it will grow bigger and have sharper teeth to protect itself and to scare predators.