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The Saiga, or saiga tatarica, is a type of antelope native to northern Asia. It once inhabited most of Europe, but has become seriously endangered. It now lives in the steppe of Kazakhstan, Kalmykia, and Mongolia. Based on projections of climate change, it will not actually lose its habitat. In fact, the Saiga will gain more land to live in Siberia will become hospitable to the Saiga. The Saiga may once again flourish in numbers. This would likely lead to the development of larger horns and stronger males, as there will be more competition for mates. The changes are minor because the Saiga seems to be a near-perfect creature- evidenced by no discernable evolution in 100,000 years. The challenges it faced weren’t environmental. It was hunted to near extinction for its horns, but there are measures to dissuade poaching. Hopefully, the Saiga will reign supreme once more.