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The green anaconda's color is a brown and yellowish green. When a Green anaconda is born it is 24-37 inches but a full sized Green anaconda gets to 30 feet long. The Green anaconda eats pigs, deer, birds, turtles, caimans, capybara and even jaguars. In order to live further on, the anaconda needs several adaptations. The anaconda will have to change their habitat because there will be less rivers and swamps instead it will live underground. For their defense they will grow spikes on their backs to scare its predators. For the Anaconda to get food they will have a really good sense of smell to find prey. The anaconda will get faster so it can get from place to place in a decent amount of time. Because the rainforest trees are burning the anaconda can turn brown to blend in with the brown trees and its new habitat.