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In 2021 Axolotls were small, aquatic, carnivorous, and endangered species but in 3012, pollution affected rainforest and deforestation are worse than ever. Axolotl’s habitat is in still lake waters or rivers. They have soft skin to fit into tight spaces, their skin can change colors for camouflage, and they can regenerate limbs, lungs, heart, and spine. They can play dead for 40 seconds without moving, which tricks the predator to think they are dead. In the future the rivers and lakes will be closed because of drought so the axolotls habitat will change. Axolotls have lungs so they can adapt to life on land. Axolotls might become smaller over time because of lack of food, and might have to become diurnal because of their new habitat. The axolotls might not develop new adaptations because they already have good adaptations. The only thing that might change is their diet.