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Capybaras normally live in groups of up to 40, living in and eating vegetation surrounding bodies of water. They have webbed feet and hippo-like head structures to swim underwater. In the future, however, because of droughts and flooding to their current habitat, they’ll likely move to more urban areas and with that, they may change significantly. Their only source of vegetation will be man-made crops and these will be uncommon which will result in them becoming omnivorous and using their large numbers to overwhelm prey, standing on their now stronger hind legs and using their new claws to hook onto prey, then using their teeth to chew through flesh. They’d also lose their webbed feet in order to run long distances on the ground. Their movement to urban areas may take 100-200 years with their eventual evolution taking 400 more. Likelihood of successful evolution: very high. Conclusion: Ultimate Lifeform.