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Jaguars are mammals. Jaguars can swim and have hunted fish, turtles, and many other animals in the water. Jaguars mainly live in the amazon basin, though they do live in central America. Scientists say that the rainforest is being affected by climate change and Human destruction. The rainforest is home to a lot of animals that are also being affected. Jaguars are being affected by this change in the environment. Jaguars use trees for a way to attack their prey, without that sense of surprise the animals that are being hunted are able to escape causing starvation for the jaguars. Another way the jaguars are being affected is their mating areas. The jaguars are being affected by deforestation for crops and cattle production. The jaguars diet is being affected too and the entire population will decline because of starvation, meaning no new generations of jaguars will come to fruition.