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My illustration is how the toucan in the Amazon Rainforest adapted to the effects on climate change to a Savanna environment. Major effects on how the rainforest would alter would include the loss of the ability to generate rainfall and would be a desolate shrub land. I designed the species to fit into the environment after thousands of years, where it feeds mainly on the ground; it will forage for seeds, insects, spiders/scorpions. Adaptations would be that they possess a down-curved beak, thick legs/toes. They will grasp their food between the tips of the beak and then toss it back in their throat. This will allow the bird to get produce from the ground as opposed to eating fruit; toucans have a beak that can reach into tree-holes. Evolution allows it to be camouflaged with the environment, where this vertebrate has beige coloring in contrast to bright coloring.