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Jaguars are black spotted predators. They hunt fish, armadillos, birds such as peacocks, or reptiles. They shelter and camouflage in trees or even in the grass, their black spots help them camouflage in the grass. They sleep during the day and wake up at night to hunt. The jaguar heavily relies on camouflage more than its speed. From today in 100 years there will be no more trees, there will only be shrublands. The rainforest will be gone. The jaguar will start to adapt, to having no shelter and nowhere to camouflage. It will try its best to hunt prey and survive. In 500 years, the jaguars will not be able to handle the dry desert, and have little to no water left. There will be some other species of animals, but they won’t be enough to feed the jaguar population. The jaguars will go extinct after trying to adapt.