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The kinkajou lives in tropical rainforests in the area from southern Mexico through Brazil. During the day, kinkajou’s find hollow or crooked trees to sleep in. They come out at night to look for food and by sunrise, they are back at their spot. Kinkajou’s hide from predators at dawn, the time where predators are most active. They are classified as carnivores, and eat fruit, nectar, eggs, hatchlings, insects, and small vertebrates. They live a long life, which is around 23 years. Sadly, the world will change over time. The kinkajou’s environment is prone to many changes. Some, such as deforestation, would leave the kinkajou without any places to sleep and play around. This would also wipe out many of the kinkajou’s food sources, such as the insects, because they live in trees. Fires can also happen, killing many of the kinkajou’s, and possibly bringing them to near extinction.