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Leopards have many adaptations,they are nocturnal,they have strong and fast bodies.Large heads and jaws with sharp teeth to help them catch prey.However none of that helps them survive in the hot weather.They eat baboons,hares,rodents,birds,lizards,fish,warthogs porcupine’s and beetles.Climate change could make temperatures unsuitable for leopards to live.Leopards would have to go further up mountains to warmer temperatures.Leopards prey would be less appealed with less plants because of that leopards would have less food.Some leopards can adapt to warmer temperatures but most can't.Snow Leopards are the most endangered of all types of leopards,they can't adapt in warmer climates.Climate change will affect the tropical rainforest by increasing the temperature.leopards would have to go to further from the equator.This means that animals would have to adapt to the temperatures or die out.