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Sloths sleep in trees they can even sleep in trees for 15-20 hours everyday.Even when there awake there motionless.At night they eat leaves,fruit,and shoots and they also get their water from juicy plants.Sloths live in many trees but they prefer cecropia trees.Some animals do hunt sloths such as jaguars and ocelots they can also be preys of birds such as harpy eagles and crested eagles.Sloths can swim and do spend time in the water but they could be in danger from snakes such as anacondas.In the past maybe 6-13 million years ago sloths where huge tall and heavy their giants and they shrunk into these little sloths.I think maybe in the future they will be the same but maybe different maybe more taller than they were before.. I don't think they will be that different from now.