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Right now, capybaras may be the least of your concern. Although, I think in a couple of hundred years that you might be thinking differently. Presently capybaras live in swamps and wetlands in tropical rainforests. I found out that when all the trees in the rainforest disappear, it will be EXTREMELY DRY. So I researched about the desert, the driest place I knew. I also read about desert animals adaptations. That is how I came up with things to add to the capybara. For the future, I added a tail to the capybara. So, it could have a place to store fat for emergencies. I also added bigger ears and eyelashes. The eyelashes keep sand out of the eyes and bigger ears because then they can hear if there is a predator nearby. Then I added claws and thicker fur. The thicker fur would keep them at the right temperature.