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How Monkeys change Monkeys live in the rainforest and they are changing because of the climate change. Monkeys' food in bananas might change by getting bigger and maybe even harder to eat. Their lifespan might also change because forest fires may be evolving to protect their bodies. They are usually 1.8 to 2.1 feet in height that could go up or down. They also are 45lbs to 82lb that could maybe go down because less food or maybe more food. Monkey’s have forward faces and flat noses. Maybe with the dying rainforest it will both be flat or both forward. Monkeys also might become very smart and learn how to invent stuff like chainsaws and cut down trees. Monkey’s might not even be here. If they do survive they all might be bodybuilders. They could be smarter and do everything I do.They could be just like us.