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An ocelot is a cat that lives in the rainforest. An ocelot's diet includes Rodents, rabbits, iguanas, fish, and frogs. Now we need to know how ocelots deal with heat. A grown-up ocelot can’t do much apart from waiting for their fur to slowly fall out, offspring ocelots wouldn’t grow as much fur as their parents. After this climate change, sea levels rise which means some ocelot habitats will become submerged in water, or they become dry and hot. So for the underwater submerged habitats: The ocelots are picky eaters but most of their food will die or go extinct unless they also evolve. The only thing ocelots eat that is reasonable is fish, but eating only fish might not be the healthiest option. After a while, they might evolve to live underwater since their prey is there and there's no purpose for being on land.