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Ordinarily, jaguars might be found relaxing on land. But in the future, maybe 1000 years from now, a jaguar might be very different. Its front paws would have almost no toes, very long claws, and webbed pads to help them swim quicker and deeper. It also would have longer claws to grip slippery food such as fish, snakes, and water birds. Many people think that cats are horrified to get wet; but jaguars actually love to swim. The reason I made my jaguar have these new features is because of global warming with the polar ice caps melting. Since they already enjoy the water, webbed feet would make a strong adaptation for them. Another reason I drew webbed paws for my jaguar is for when it is in water it is likely to encounters alligators and crocodiles, which is something else that jaguars can quickly catch and kill to eat.