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A frog is any member of diverse and largely carnivorous group of short –bodied, tailless amphibians compassing the aroura (literary without tail un ancient Greek).The oldest fossil “proto-frog” appeared in the early Triassic of Madagascar but molecular clock dating suggests their origins may extend further back to subarctic regions, but the greatest concentration of species diversity is in tropical rainforest. Frogs typically lay their eggs in water. An adult frog has a Strout body , protruding eyes, anteriorly- attached Toung , limbs, folded underneath, and no tail (the tail of the tailed frogs is no extension of the male cloaca).Frog population have declied significaly since the 1950s frogs are valued as food by some humans. The life cycle is they start in water with an egg that hatches into a limbless larva with gills called a tadpole.