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There are many types of birds but a macaw is a very cool type of bird. The macaw I’ve chosen for this essay is the Hyacinth Macaw or also known as the Blue or Gold Macaw. The Hyacinth Macaw is a type of bird that lives in the rain forest. Also the species of a macaw belong to the parrots. The Hyacinth Macaw and its habitat are located in eastern part of South America. Some fun facts about the macaw is that these birds are the largest macaw species. Also their strong beaks help them crack open the food they eat such as nuts. The hyacinth macaws end up mating for life. Hyacinth Macaws help the rain forest plant trees because when they crack open their food the seed falls on the ground and it turns into another nut tree for animals to eat. This is the Hyacinth Macaw