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The okapi is a descendant of the giraffe, and resides in the Ituri Rainforest. It has dark, thick fur to stay dry in the rain and striped hindquarters to break up any outline, which makes it quite difficult for predators to spot them. This provides excellent camouflage in the rainforest, but what would it look like in the future? Current estimates suggest rainforests will develop into a dry wasteland, which could be devastating for creatures like the okapi. It's dark fur would become completely pointless in the empty badlands. It would have to evolve to light colored fur that would camouflage with its new surroundings, and it’s stripes would most likely extend upwards due to the lack of trees. It’s neck would elongate to reach high up into the now very scarce trees. And these are only some of the changes that could occur due to its changing environment.