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Deep in Central and South America lives the Poison Dart Frog. It's one of the most poisonous animals in the rainforest. The bright colors of this frog indicates their poison. They take chemicals in bugs and plants to make poison. The Poison Dart Frog also has good eyesight and a long tongue to catch bugs. A thousand years later the Tropical Rainforests are now a savanna. Here lives the Poison Dart Frog. I believe the Poison Dart Frog will grow to be shades of light brown, yellow, and green to blend in with the changed environment. I also think they will grow ladle shaped tongues to capture rain. A convenient adaptation would be an ability to store excess poison and squirt it out of its mouth from long distances to protect from other predators that might have new adaptations. This is what I think the Poison Dart Frog evolves into.