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The Three Toed Sloth lives in the tropical rainforests of Central and South America. The sloths currently get most of their water from plants. The algae growing on them helps them camouflage with the trees. The last adaptation is, they use their 3 - 4 inch teeth and claws to protect them if camouflage doesn’t work. Their future habitat may dry up because climate change may rise and affect the sloths current adaptations. One adaptation may be shedding their hair so they can stay cool in the hotter temperatures. The sloths may eat cacti since most plants may dry up and cacti have water in them. They can just swallow it so the needles won’t poke them. The last future adaptation is they may cover themselves in dirt for camouflage. In the future because of heating up this is what the future may look like for the Three Toed Sloth.