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In the Amazon rainforest you will see the interesting and amazing Giant Otters. The Giant Otters current adaptations are vibrissae to hunt food such as fish, caiman, small caiman, aquatic creatures and more. Also they have warm fur to protect their body from predators like alligators and dangerous Amazon predators. In the future Giant Otter has evolved into the Gio Otto and has changed its adaptations from climate change or global warming. Sea levels have dropped and the Rainforest is now a Savannah. Now the Gio Otto has big ears for a better sense of hearing, spots and a long tail because it needs the spots to camouflage into trees and it needs its long tail because it would survive by wiggling the tail to distract predators. It now eats Savannah animals such as little birds or lizards. The Gio Otto adapts well in the hot steamy weather.