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Green Anacondas live in the Orinoco Basin and in the Amazon. It has many adaptations that help it survive now and in the future. When Green Anacondas needs to eat, it collects the scents nearby by flicking its tongue into the air to detect its food. Its teeth act like knives that pull prey into their mouth. Also, they have massive bodies to suffocate their victims. In the future, Orinoco Basins and the Amazon will be underwater because of sea levels rising. They would get used to eating food that lives underwater such as fish. Since Aquacondas are underwater most of the time, it would have to grow gills to breathe underwater longer. Also, they have small scales, so they are going to get big scales for more protection. For better camouflage their color will need to adapt to underwater colors. These adaptations will help Aquacondas survive in the future.