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The Howler Monkey has adaptations to its environment. First, It can scream up to 140 decibels which can scare away predators. Next, their tails can support their body weight. Also, they smash rocks against fruit so they can eat it. Their tails can wrap and move in the trees. In the future, the Howler Monkey will be able to howl up to 270 decibels to stun their enemies. They will scream louder because their predators will not find food because of climate change, therefore their predators will be more aggressive. Their tails will increase so they can hold twice their weight. Their tails will grow longer so their tails will wrap around trees but, less trees are going to be left. They won’t have much fur because they don’t want to have body heat because it will be a hotter climate. All those reasons may be caused by climate change.