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The Pink Toed Tarantula lives in the rainforest of South America. Pink Toed Tarantulas swim in cool water. Their predators are mammals, reptiles, or other tarantulas. Also they have fangs to bite or kill their prey. They spin webs to catch their prey like bugs and they jump from trees to catch their prey and get away from predators. In the future the rain forest will get hotter and there will be less rain. Their future self is going to change because they will change color to dark red on their paws. The new name for the pink toed tarantula is the Red Toed Tarantula. They will camouflage into a dark red rock because of the temperature. The next adaptation is that their hearing will get stronger. The food that they will eat are termites, mosquitoes, and flies. This is how the Pink Toed Tarantula will adapt over time.