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The kinkajou is an animal that eats fruit and bugs. It has sharp claws that help it adapt to living in the trees. Kinkajous live in Tropical rainforests, Mountain forests, dry forests, and forests at the end of savannahs. The kinkajou is nocturnal. They have a prehensile tail that is like a fifth arm to grip onto branches. It can also act as a defense system. My future creature is the kink. The kink will have webbed paws and it will also adapt to eating fish. Its tail will turn into something like a beaver's tail that will help the kink swim. The kink will also have to adapt to becoming a predator. They will start living in underwater caves and sleep on top of each other. If we don’t do anything about global warming, sea waters will rise and animals like the kinkajou will be forced to adapt.