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Chimpanzees have interesting adaptations that help them live and survive. Chimpanzees live in the Congo Basin which is in Africa with tropical rainforests. They are omnivores and eat figs, fruit, nuts, etc. Chimpanzees have opposable thumbs and make small tools and eat with their hands. Also, they climb tall trees and have very sharp teeth. They are very social and hunt in groups. Chimpanzees have smart adaptations to survive in the Congo Basin. In the future, “Water Monkeys” have to adapt in their new environment. Since the earth is flooding and the sun is getting hotter, Water Monkeys live on savannah islands. Their faces will be brown and their bodies will be a peach. Also, they have webbed feet and lightweight bodies to swim to different islands. Water monkeys live in underground holes because the sun is burning. In conclusion, water monkeys are going to adapt differently in the future.