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The Green Iguanas live in Central American rainforests. They have adapted to the heat and humidity by using a throat flap on their neck as an internal fan. Green Iguanas are omnivores and eat leaves, flowers, and occasionally carcasses. They have strong jaws and sharp teeth to chew. The throat flap also makes it larger to scare animals. If a predator grabs their tail, it will come off but the iguana will survive. Iguanas can swim across rivers because they are excellent swimmers. Due to climate change, Green Iguanas throat flaps will become larger to help them stay cool. When water floods in the rainforest due to sea level rising Green Iguana’s may grow webbed feet. The flowers and plants will die to the heat so the Green Iguana’s jaws become stronger because they will need to rip meat. These adaptations will help Green Iguanas thrive longer in the future.