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The poison dart frog lives in the rainforest. The group name is Army. Poison dart frogs eat insects, including fruit flies, ants, and termites. Their size is 1 inch and they are amphibians. Their life span is 3 to 15 years. Their scientific name is dendrobatidae. Their skin has enough poison that it can kill 20,000 mice or 20 fully grown people. It helps to protect from its predators. In the future poison dart frog because water level trees are drowning it has to jump in water and jump in the wood hides on tree barch waiting for it peye. It lays eggs on the water guard and leaves it eggs when it hach tadpoles find tiny fish. When it turns to a frog it finds food so it can be nice fat so it won't get more food so it is not hungry . find a home and stay.