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Black Caimans have many adaptations that will help them survive now and in the future. The Black Caiman lives in the dark and murky waters of the Amazon River Basin. They use their dark and scary features to camouflage. The Black Caiman is the main prey of the Leopard. Caimans hide and use their tough skin to protect themselves. They are land and water creatures but they prefer the water and drowning their prey. In the future, the Black Caiman will be called the Black Caifish. Because of climate change, the Amazon will be underwater and animals will need lots of adaptations to survive. They will live underwater with gills to breathe. The Black Caifish will have webbed feet that make them faster. Another adaptation is that they will have sharper teeth that will rip apart prey. I think these adaptations will help Black Caimans survive in the future.