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The Scarlet Macaw lives in the rainforests of Mexico, Central America, and South America. They have a strong beak to break apart nuts, long tail feathers that help them balance during flight, and eat poisonous plants that can kill an animal! Scientists think they can eat plants because they eat large amounts of clay. In the future, Scarlet Macaws now known as a, “Dull Feathered Scavenger”. Will become scavengers and omnivores due to the extinction of many plants and animals. It will have bigger wings to help it fly longer. The Bird will have a sharper tongue with sharp edges to pull apart meat and a beak with curved edges to help with the food. Due to the lack of plants its colors will become more dull. It will have bigger and thinner feathers to prevent it from overheating.These are present and future adaptations of the skilled Dull Feathered Scavenger.