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The glass frog lives in South america. The adaptations of the are transparent stomachs, humeral spines, and sticky feet. The sticky feet help them stay on trees. The transparent stomachs help them stay away from animals that want to eat them. The humeral spines help them have a good grip on trees, branches, and trunks. The glass frog eats moths, flies, and smaller frogs. They are carnivores for now. Also they only live for 10-14 years In the future the Amazon forest will be underwater. The glass frog will have webbed feet, fingertips that sense, and gills. The webbed feet help them swim faster. The fingertips help them sense food. The gills help breathe underwater. Now they are omnivores because they eat plants and animals. They will eat seaweed, fish, shrimp, algae and shellfish. Their predators are sharks and starfish. These are the future adaptations of the glass frog.