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Howler monkeys live in southern Brazil, Paraguay, Eastern Bolivia and Northern Argentina. They are known as the loudest monkeys because they howl during the mornings and evenings to alert neighboring troops of their presence. Howler monkeys spend most of their time swimming. Their arms and legs are almost as strong as humans.The way they travel is through the branches by using their tail as support. In the future the rainforest will sink and Howler Monkeys will be forced to live under water. Howler monkeys will have less food and resources because they will need to look for other sources in order to survive. Since they are already adapting to a new environment Howler Monkeys will start to physically change. They will start to grow gills and webbed feet. l Howler Monkeys will remain vegetarian and eat seaweed from the water. These adaptations will help Howler Monkeys in the future.