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Jaguars live in the rainforest of the Amazon basin and in the nearby Pantanal Wetlands. Jaguars live near lakes and rivers so they are great swimmers. When they sneak out for food they are silent, but when they see prey they are always fast. Because of their skin they can camouflage in trees and plants. Jaguars love to eat deer, and monkeys. For them to eat larger animals like caimans they have to tackle them. Because of global warming, Jaguars will be living on water. Jaguars have strong paws so it will help them swim in rivers. Jaguars are not going to camouflage well in the water because they can only camouflage in land vegitation. Lastly, I think that their eating schedule is going to change because they usually eat dear, fish and monkeys but instead they are going to eat fish. Its are job to protect the Jaguars!