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The Jaguar has many adaptations to help it survive now and in the future.They have a strong jaw and strong bite.They can run a maximum of 50 miles per hour.Jaguars are amazing swimmers. They can camouflage by using the dots on them. Jaguars are excellent climbers and climb trees. These are some adaptations that it uses currently. In the future I think some adaptations the Jaguar will adopt are: It will get bigger canines because it would need it for hunting. Jaguars will be able to breathe underwater for 15 minutes because the rain forest will be flooded. Jaguars will get bigger claws to climb trees and mountains.Jaguars will get faster and be able to reach a maximum of 80 mph.Jaguars will get webbed feet to swim and hunt underwater faster. If you look at it for 10 seconds you will become stunned.