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The Latin Lunar Frogs are a species of frog seen in Southern America. They are ancestors of the Poison Dart Frogs. Poison Dart Frogs are just like what they sound like. Basically, poison frogs that have quick legs like a dart and bright colors! Due to their predators and pollution, they had to move a lot. They had settled near a power plant. Due to toxic waste, they started to glow and turn a baby blue color. 30 years later, they adapted to having stronger joints, sticky webbed fingers and best of all, they glow. The Poison Dart Frog transformed into the Latin Lunar Frogs. They are called “Lunar frogs'’ because of how strong they are. They jump over 150 inches! Legends say that they can jump so high, they can touch the moon and glow just as bright as the moon. However, they are still poisoned so beware!